'I stood outside when all was grey, couldn't see a thing
One by one the drops of rain soaked me to my skin,
Took away my pain, gave me back my grin'

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hand in Hand

Every day is all the same, the same is all of every day
When everything is all the same, the same is all of everything
How deep it goes, this need for change, this need for change, how deep it goes
How deep are we, such blood and magic, miracles, children of science
Understanding cannot be, we need to know the mystery
We search for ways we can explain our very natures, place the blame
Invented Gods, someone to name, someone to pray to, far away
Someone to justify our flaws, place human weakness at his door
A door too far away to touch, the only way to see to die
And when we die, so out of reach, we cannot then explain, to teach
And priest and teachers use our fears, to say we may not see the door
If we be bad, or not believe, then there may not be any more
beyond our deaths, with nothing left, then we will fade away to black
Which is of course, the way it is, no lack of faith, a simple fact
Such fools are we, to base our lives, on ancient supersitious fiction
Take each verse upon it's word, believing everything we've heard
Instead of learning moral lessons, know your sins, who needs confession
There is value in the knowing right from wrong, it makes us strong
But to ignore the evidence, it seems to me like ignorance
There is no God, there is no heaven, is no devil, is no hell
Was no Jesus, crucifixion, what a powerful depiction
To engulf the world in lies, a business grows, the church it flies
But I believe the Church is good, if misinformed, but still it would
Emerge with light, I think it should, with opened eyes, be all it could
If faith and science, hand in hand, could find some way, some common ground
To understand the world around, the very depth of human hearts
Then God would be our Human soul
And science everything we know
If that could be then I would pray
I'd pray to God, I'd pray all day
I'd look into the sky and swear
That I see heaven floating there

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