'I stood outside when all was grey, couldn't see a thing
One by one the drops of rain soaked me to my skin,
Took away my pain, gave me back my grin'

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Born to Write

The world is blind, I see that now
I'll show them all, some way, somehow
That I am here, that I exist
I'll give them what they can't resist
The words that float around my head
The best that I have ever read
The thoughts that come in deepest night
That make me feel so good, so right
I'll make these people understand
That I was born with pen in hand
That when I write I come alive
My very essence does ignite

But who can see, who looks at me
Who reads these words upon this sheet
Who takes the time to really see
The power of the pen gone free
But pens are now in short supply
We writers now, we swiftly type
Upon the keys we loose our souls
As cells of skin slip through the holes
This isn't like the greats of old
Who wrote with quills, such tales they told
But just like they, I have that light
For they like I were born to write

For they, like I, like you, like all
Have brains that work and not at all
Invisible to human eyes
So very small, the world goes by
Whilst few of us are hypnotised
In battle with the T's and I's
They tease, they lie, they pass the blame
This isn't life, this is a game

But this is life if life you lead
With lines of ink and paper leaves
On metal, plastic, boards of keys
The words they haunt, they speak to me
In silence in the dead of night
Or in the day, the height of light
In company or all alone
Or miles away or safe at home

The words become my only friend
They give me strength like some pretend
The words are strong but safe to bend
They let me make a line of them
A line of them and then with friends
A rhyming trend and meaning then
It scares me how it somehow fits
I had not much to do with it
It comes from somewhere deep within
Behind my eyes, beneath my skin
I know not how but it feels right
I only know I have to write

I write these words upon this page
They capture all my joy and rage

It makes me high just like a kite
I think that I was born to write

I know that I was born to write

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