'I stood outside when all was grey, couldn't see a thing
One by one the drops of rain soaked me to my skin,
Took away my pain, gave me back my grin'

Saturday, 29 January 2011

No Regret

Where were you my sorrow
When I needed you?
Tomorrow we'll be wed
By a point of view
Something that I said
That I shared with you
We will be imprisoned
What am I to do?
Wish we'd never met 
Meaning no offence

Where were you my anger
When I needed you ?
Smiled too much, agreed to things
Tied me down like apron strings
What to do, cause a scene?
Say the things I really mean
Leave this plane before it stops
Hope I can survive the drop

Where were you my envy
When I needed you ?
Wanted her so much it hurt
Never quite knew how to flirt
So she turned to someone else
Let her go, thought she would be happier
Selfless act or foolish pride?
Now I'm dying from inside
Not much point in suicide

Where were you these feelings
When I needed you?
Consequence is painful and these words are true
Question now is what to do?
Face the truth, truth empowers
Take the blame and blow the roof
Wear these phrasings like a promise
Never to regret again

No regret, no not yet
Not until the scores are in
Not until the large one sings
Who can say what life will bring?

Who's to say that we won't win?
This is not a film we're in
No one wrote a script for it
Nor can you or I predict

If this is a classic or a crock of shit
Not before the end is done
And the critics have their fun

Even then I won't regret

Not if I allowed myself
to be myself
To not be swayed
or be remade

The story hasn't finished yet

I do not know what happens yet

There may still be a sequel yet

But there will never be regret

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