'I stood outside when all was grey, couldn't see a thing
One by one the drops of rain soaked me to my skin,
Took away my pain, gave me back my grin'

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Random Rhyming

I'm sick of sitting here like this and swallowing this rage
You sit back and let me quick attack this wit onto this page
I was born with half a chip upon my shoulder, grew with age
Now it's turned into a paper weight, helps me keep my page
Look at all of this, all of it, every single bit
I could kill it if I gave a shit, make a joke of it
Are you laughing Holmes, figure it, lay it then turn over it
Flipping pancakes in a pan, pilchards in a can
I'm a man, that is all I am, never had a plan
But like Jam, that is all I need, 'cept for maybe ham
In a fix, give me weetabix, give it to the lunatics
Give them extra biscuits as you know they like to eat em quick
That is why I go with it, anything a bit
Moderate, never early, late, never want to make em wait
Never want to wait neither, why should you or I, either
Ever be the last beaver, dying by the meat cleaver
That is where the short trees are, by the giant malteser
Watch it as it rolls, through the field of sausage rolls
This is a good song, every single line , strong
Flow like the ping pong, rising like King Kong
Quick, better quit, never fall, not at all
It's been a ball so goodbye to you all

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