'I stood outside when all was grey, couldn't see a thing
One by one the drops of rain soaked me to my skin,
Took away my pain, gave me back my grin'

Monday, 11 October 2010

Too Many Rules

Too many rules and not enough schools
Or too many schools and not enough rules
Or too many fools who think they are cool
For breaking the rules, destroying the schools
Or too many rules for too many fools
Or not enough fools for not enough rules
And not enough fools to fill up the schools
And not enough schools to make up the rules

And too many kings for not enough thrones
Or too many dim and slow witted clones
Or not enough homes for people who need
And not enough pairs, too many alone
Too many who care, too many to love
Too many who love are no longer there
So many not there, as distance creates
Unbridgable gaps, suspicion and hate

Or too many words and too many books
Or not enough words, just feelings and looks
As silence is bled, as nothing is shed
With not enough said, just thoughts in the head
And not enough shared, in secret despair
Too many who care, too many alone
So many alone and not enough pairs
And not enough said, sweet secrets instead

Lay blame at the schools with not enough rules
Lay blame at the fools who think they are cool
Perhaps at the feet of all whom you meet
Perhaps with yourself and everyone else
But understand sacrifice, simple and pure
It isn't a burden, it isn't a cure
But it is distraction, a moment, no more
A moment that maybe is worth living for

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